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One Childhood.

Live it well

Early Childhood

The Waldorf approach to early childhood education is largely imitative, sensory, and based on play. We strive to create an environment and activities that are worthy of imitation in a setting that allows the child’s own imagination to flourish.

Grades 1-5

In these early grades, a child enters into a world rich in movement, numbers, imagination, language, and art. We believe that the path to an active will, a rich and sensitive feeling life, and an enlivened and flexible thinking lies through our arts-infused education.

Grades 6-8

During these years, students become more self-conscious and inquisitive and the teachers offer new boundaries, rules, and expectations as well as a stimulating experiential curriculum. 

Integrated Subject Classes

In addition to the broad arts-infused academic curriculum we offer a variety of specialty classes taught by teachers whose focus is on a particular subject, including music, handwork, agriculture, games and woodworking.