Teaching methods utilized in Grades 6-8 are similar to those used in the lower grades, yet topics and methods are tailored toward the emerging adolescent capable of more abstract thinking.

During these years, students become more self-conscious and inquisitive and the teachers offer new boundaries, rules, and expectations as well as a stimulating experiential curriculum. Our approach based on the Waldorf curriculum help us to meet the needs of young adolescents.

Enhanced programs of arts and academics bring the outside world into the classroom, and outdoor experiences become more challenging. In eighth grade, all students complete a comprehensive research project, complete with written report, display, and oral presentation. Throughout the middle school years there are opportunities for outdoor education, participating in our Environmental science curriculum and blocks of electives. The students are busy and engaged.

The balanced middle school program at Corvallis Waldorf School fosters confident students well-prepared for the challenges of high school, through academics, the arts, outdoor education, research projects and extra-curricular activities. Social relationships bloom as students refine their ability to work together as a collaborative team, and to respect each other’s individuality and diversity.