Ways to Contribute to Corvallis Waldorf School’s Annual Fund:

Corvallis Waldorf School relies on charitable donations to an Annual Fund to make up the difference between tuition income and the annual operating budget. Tuition generally rises biennially to keep pace with inflation and general cost of living expenses. Raises in tuition are always accompanied by some proportional increases in tuition assistance. During the Fall, the Annual Giving Campaign is launched to collect donations to the Annual Fund. Every gift is significant, no matter how big or small. We strive for 100% participation of current families and encourage you to make a contribution to the campaign that is financially significant for your family. Gifts may be tax-deductible and matched by your employer.

We welcome donations by cash, check or online.

We also welcome donations in the form of appreciated stock. Our school is able to accept stock donations at any time. We have used this method to finance some of our larger capital campaign projects. Stock donations are immediately liquidated to cash upon receipt, per Board policy.  

Pledging is another way to contribute. It gives you the opportunity to make a future payment, or spread out payments over several months. You can make payments against a larger amount or, if you are an enrolled family, we can add your pledges to your statement for a certain number of months.

Questions about donation logistics? Contact Diane Martin at

Questions about giving? Please email

The promotional video about the Annual Giving Campaign was created by Tyler Howk, Jeff Hume, and Erin Zaremba.